Personal Bio

We, Tim and Karen Miller, are in our 28th year of marriage and have 4 grown children and 2 delightful grandkids. We were both raised in the Midwest and spent 6 years in Alabama in full-time prison ministry. We moved our family to Tyler in 1998 with a vision for revival and discipleship ministry. After several years, we began a service business to the community, named Jireh Sanitation, which we stewarded and then sold after nearly 14 years. After raising and educating our children here, being involved in outreach ministries through a local church, and growing a business, our roots have grown deep, along with a genuine heart for the East Texas region.

In 2014, God began speaking to us about impacting our community through a House of Prayer. After connecting with others in prayer and investing time in the East Texas House of Prayer in Lindale, Texas, we are excited about this new venture of opening up the Reformation House of Prayer in Tyler. We long to see a renewal of prayer and purpose as we pray into reforming the culture of our region. Oswald Chamber says it well in ‘Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.