The Seven Mountain Reformation

Accepting the reformation mandate, we are committed to praying for a dwelling place for God on the top of the seven mountains of society.

  1. CHURCH- A PLACE OF HONOR: The Church is called to replace false worship with true worship of Jesus Christ. This is modeled through a Holy Spirit infused life and ministry.
  2. FAMILY– A PLACE OF STRENGTH: The family is called to replace rejection and perversion with true acceptance through the Biblical foundation of a loving marriage relationship between one man and one woman. Social systems must be impacted so that the family unit is prioritized.
  3. GOVERNMENT– A PLACE OF POWER: Government is called to replace pride and corruption with leaders who are humble servants and walk in integrity. Government must be impacted through strong servant leadership that enforces God’s righteousness and justice so that His peace may reign.
  4. EDUCATION– A PLACE OF WISDOM: Education is called to replace the lies of humanism and godless intellectualism with the wisdom and fear of God. Education’s curriculum must be impacted to promote Godly character along with solid job skills so that true lasting success can flourish.
  5. BUSINESS-A PLACE OF WEALTH: Business is called to replace greed and poverty by discovering and transferring wealth into God’s kingdom purposes. Business must be impacted to understand the value of using natural resources to discover the true kingdom wealth of loving others.
  6. ARTS/ENTERTAINMENT-A PLACE OF GLORY: Arts and entertainment are called to replace compromise and seduction with creativity that will release God’s glory and prophesy to the earth. Arts and entertainment must be impacted to capture the heart of a generation and release their true destinies.
  7. MEDIA-A PLACE OF BLESSING: Media is called to replace the bad news of death and destruction with the good news of the kingdom. Media must be impacted to produce noble news that will change the atmosphere and invigorate its hearers.